Horror Comics Sketchbook

  • $4.99

Story/Art: YOU!

Horror Comics Sketchbook: Shroud Black Edition

24 shroud-black pages and covers

Are you afraid of the dark?  What terrors lurk in the midnight recesses of your mind?  Use this all-black sketchbook to drag them into the light and put them to paper, and so conquer them!  (And tell an awesome dark story while you're at it!)

Horror Comics Sketchbook: Virgin White Edition

24 virgin-white pages and covers

Does your mind go blank with fright?  Do you experience white-knuckled terror of the emptiness of the unknown?  Fill that void with the brightest ideas of your twisted imagination, and fear no more!

Horror Comics Sketchbook: Blood Red Edition

24 shroud-black pages and covers

Don't start seeing red because your mania for horror has the blood rushing to your head (or on the floor or wherever).  We've got our finger on the pulse, and we're offering a variant that's just your type—we're O-so-positive.  And it's on a nice, heavy stock, so at least your inking won't bleed.  (No guarantees on anything else.)

Horror Comics Sketchbook 6/6/6 Pack

32 blood-red pages and covers

Retailers, are you scared of making a difficult choice on these sketchbook editions?  No need to scream—we've got your number!  We're offering six each of our three Horror Comics Sketchbook (6 white, 6 black, 6 red) for a mere $45—that's 50% off!  However, we're afraid...that you might not order enough to meet demand, so make your order now!