Exciting Comics #3

  • $3.99

Story/Art: Various

Exciting Comics now brings you four stories for the price of one!  Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon, creators of the best-selling hit Punchline, bring you a teaser of their newest creation, Mary Miracle!  Also this issue, the Golden Age classic Crimebuster is reborn, Madam Mask faces Gemini one last time in a climactic battle, and Black Jaq goes up against the Revenge Syndicate—and maybe in over her head!

Exciting Comics #3 Miracle Variant 

Story/Art: Various

Cover: Matt Weldon

Marvel at this fantastic variant that'll strike your fancy like magic lightning!  You can get your copy with one magic word (to us or your retailer): Please!  But supplies won't last an eternity, so strike now to place your order!