Rags #6

  • $3.99

Story: Trent Luther & Brian Ball Art: Luigi Teruel


Mounting a 4-man rescue at the McGuffin Mall, Regina, Riley, and Randi are amazed at Operator’s unusual combat tactics.  However, is this a trap or a rescue?  Will Regina finally find pants?

Battle Buddies Variant

Double up on your Rags collection with this two-shot team-up.  No two ways about it, this high-caliber variant cover will get you both coming and going, so come and get one before they go!

Queen of the Hill Variant

Vertigo veteran artist Richard Case (Doom Patrol, Sandman Mystery Theater) delivers a dynamic depiction of desperate daring (and imminent exposure)!  Out of amno but not ideas, our heroine makes an impact that's downright jaw-dropping (and not just for the target)!