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Tigers of Luftwaffe #6

  • $3.95

Author:Ted Nomura

This sixth issue continues the story of Hanna Reitsch, the premier Nazi aviatrix who considered creating an all- female suicide air unit to defend her home! In the last episode of "Black Devil," German ace Erich Hartmann finally surrenders to the Americans, only to be handed over to the Soviets! In Tigers of Terra/Luftwaffe: 2040, Reina Saber tracks down the Viragonians' best enemy ace, only to discover that she is fighting against clones of herself and her teammates! Bonuses this issue include a short introduction of Retroman, a former WWII Japanese Army motorcyclist, and a special section entitled "Raumkrieg," covering the Nazi plans for the conquest of space! And, another master story by Belgian talent, Marcel Magnette, and a text section by Spain's Miranda/Mercado team!