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PvN: It Takes a Pillage PM

  • $9.50

Author:David Hutchison, Fred Perry, Joe Wight

Shiver me shuriken! The eternal struggle for real, ultimate power resurges in a cutlass- and katana-filled compilation of action, thrills and laughs.

Waif princess Drusilla is sought by two bands of ungrateful dead, each of the leaders vying to wed her to provide his side dominance over the dead sea! Can one dashing British sailor save this lovely lass from ghost pirates AND ghost ninjas?

Find out, then travel back 300 million years to the Age of Atlantis, where civil war is brewing. Both sides have sought out the best mercenaries the world has to offer: Pirates and Ninjas! But when the rebel leader completes his monstrous gold-maker to ruin Atlantis's economy, will it mean victory for him or global harming for all? Either way, it means big laughs for you!

Back in the present, when Nature's arch-rivals have become more directly politically aware, the Ninjas and Pirates wield campaign speeches for weapons and reap treasures of voters if they can keep from slinging deadlier things than mud at one another in the Debate in '08!