Punchline #1 Second Printing

  • $9.99

Story: Bill Williams

Art: Matthew Weldon

When it comes to punch lines, not everybody gets them, and Punchline #1 was no exception.  The joke was on us, as it sold far beyond what initial orders indicated.  

So, due to overwhelming popular demand, we're delivering a one-two punch with a second printing!  We're gonna make sure this is one Punchline everybody gets!  This item will be available for preorder from now until Jan. 1, 11:59 pm US Central Time, so don't get beaten to the punch! 

Once we close down preorders, we'll send the book to be printed.  We anticipate receiving the print run by Feb. 1, at which time, we'll begin mailing copies out to customers.  This could take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the volume of orders we receive.  We'll announce the print run once all the orders are in, and give a rough estimate of when the issues will reach us as we hear from the printer.