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Monkeybug Madness

  • $3.50

Author:Chris Reid and John Kantz

Inhabiting the twisted little world and twisted little minds of Legend from Darkwood and the highly acclaimed How NOT to Draw Manga creators John Kantz and Chris Reid are an infinite horde of id-fueled alter egos known as Monkeybugs. Simultaneously the rulers and vermin of their world, the various Inkmos, Jackmos and Meekos wreak good-natured chaos, death, mutilation and cannibalism wherever they go. Fun for the whole family! Well, if you're a particularly dysfunctional family.

Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of gluttony, possession, giant beetles, motorbike abuse, and rock-scissors-paper matches. Contents are not suitable for the faint of heart, liver, or appendix, pregnant pandas, or anyone who is humor-deficient. Consult your proctologist before taking internally.