Antarctic Press - Antarctic Press

GD-ROM Version 2.0

  • $39.95

Author:Fred Perry

Comic book history on two easy-to-access DVDs!
Gold Digger's color issue count has just hit 100, and one of the best ways we can celebrate is to bring all 100 issues to you all at once and more!
Antarctic Press delivers EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of Gold Digger material Fred Perry has ever done to date, from the first miniseries to color issue #100, in one convenient, encyclopedic, two-DVD-ROM archive collector's set! That's every issue, COVER TO COVER--including all those wacky, vintage ads--all the Fred-drawn specials and short stories! This special, upgraded version brings you even bigger bonuses, including a special preview demo of Gold Digger: Time-Raft #3! And with the help of the latest developments in Beta/Gardener/Artificer technology fusion, we also bring you an ANIMATED version of GD color issue 99! No true GD fan can afford to pass up this one!