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GD/NHS Maidens of Twilight #1

  • $3.50

Author:Fred Perry, Robby Bevard & J.L. Anderson

Spirit seer and archmage-in-training Seance and his Rakshasa girlfriend Genn are on what's supposed to be a peaceful beach vacation in the mystic realm of Jade. Instead, they get caught up in bounty hunt for escaped criminals that gets them entangled with Grim Reaper-turned-waitress Dawn Brown and teenage-assassin-turned-waitress Suzume Satsujin, a dispute that will end up leading them to the underworld and back!
For the first time in seven years, Gold Digger and Ninja High School are crossing over in an epic mini-series, from the same talents that brought you Gold Digger: Tifanny and Charlotte! Don't miss it!