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Fire and Brimstone #1

  • $3.95

Author:Richard Moore

Antarctic Press proudly presents the return of Richard Moore to its ranks with an all-new, FULL-COLOR miniseries from the celebrated creator of Far West and Boneyard! See one more reason why Moore has been acclaimed by the likes of Newsarama, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Comic Buyer's Guide,,, and many more!
Heaven or Hell let's rock! Richard Moore brings us inspiration divine and...not so divine with the tale of Fire and Brimstone, a fallen angel and a (slightly) risen demoness. They're half good, half evil, and all trouble! Both guilty of deity-displeasing screw-ups, now they have to atone, so they've been paired up to bring in some of the Underworld's most problematic criminals. Of course, first these supernatural sweeties have to stop causing trouble themselves...