Antarctic Press - Antarctic Press

Far West PM Vol. 1

  • $12.99

Author:Richard Moore & GURU-eFX

A decade ago, Antarctic Press presented a rip-roaring pair of fantasy-adventure miniseries from Richard Moore, the creator of Boneyard and Fire and Brimstone. Now A.P. and Richard invite you to return to those tales of yesteryear, to a Wild, Weird West that never was with the Pocket Manga collected edition of Far West!
Join elf gunslinger Meg and talking bear Phil, bounty hunters in an Old West where S&W meets D&D, in a tale so mean it once shot a reader just for lookin' at it funny! Meg and Phil are out to earn bounty on a gang of train robbers, but first they have to deal with the dragon helping the outlaws do the dirty work! On their way back from another long bounty hunt, the pair find their town's been raided by the Hole-in-the-Head Gang, a band of ogres led by the Moonshine Kid�who actually does look like a kid. Meg's all for confronting the bogus brat and his bulky bodyguards head-on, but she and Phil are all out of ammo after their nailing their latest bounty. Will Meg's wits and Phil's powers of...uh, seduction (Don't ask�it's not pretty. It's REALLY not pretty.) be enough to keep the Hole-in-the-Head gang from putting holes in them?