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Far West: Badder Mojo

  • $3.99

Author:Richard Moore & GURU-eFX

How do you take Far West even farther? How do you make Bad Mojo even badder? FULL COLOR! The two-issue miniseries from acclaimed artist Richard Moore (Fire and Brimstone, The Pound, Boneyard) is now coming out as one fantastic full-color special!
Meg, the rough and ready elf bounty hunter, and Phil, her long-suffering, talking bear sidekick, are back with guns blazing and fists flying on the weird frontier! This time, they have to split up and track down quarry lost in the Deadlands, a cursed area cloaked in perpetual twilight, where dark, chaotic magicks roam free and very little life can survive. There they find themselves up against Kodiki, a trickster spirit that can take any form, all of them shaping up into their worst nightmares! It's six-shooters and sarcasm in the first full-color Far West story ever!