Exciting Comics #1

  • $4.99

Story/Art: Various

For the first time in over 70 years, Exciting Comics returns to stores!  In this premiere title, Antarctic Press introduces the Superverse, a new shared universe that combines classic public domain characters such as Black Terror and the Heap with a host of new, original heroes!

Exciting Comics #1 Terror Returns Variant 

Relive the hard-hitting impact of the modern age with this cover hulking, haggard hero you wouldn't want to meet returning on a dark night!

Exciting Comics #1 Black JAQ Variant 

Get on the hunt now to to target this Elektra-fying homage cover edition, so you won't have to pull any Daredevil stunts to find it later!

Exciting Comics #1 Hypno Heroines Variant 

Feel like kicking today's comics to the Kirb-y, true believer?  Return to the shine of the Silver Age with this limited-edition homage cover loaded with a bounty of beauties bewitched into battle!

Exciting Comics #1 Speedway Variant 

Experience Golden Age glory with this heart-pounding, high-speed, limited cover!  Don't get beaten to the pulp (adventure)—race for your copy today!

Exciting Comics #1 Sketch Cover Variant

Can't decide which era of comics appeals the most?  Get a sketch cover and create your own, or commission your favorite artist to draw one that best lives up to the name "Exciting"!