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Bad Kids Go to Hell #2

  • $4.50

Author:Spradlin, Wernick, Vargas, Allen

While six top students of the exclusive Crestview Academy serve detention in the nearly completed new library, their boredom leads to tales of ghosts and talk of the recent death of a man who once lived on the school's property. The elite school's subdued reputation for being haunted prompts the students to hold a half-hearted seance and summon a ghoulish apparition from the underworld! The fiend leaves one student dead and throws the other five into a state of terror as they try to escape from Crestview's fancy new library. But as the six cliquish students realize why they've come together, they can only wonder: Is it a vengeful phantom trying to kill them off, or someone within their very own group? Find out as the remaining kids race to escape their "Splatterday" detention!
A tale of dark humor and horror-suspense complimented by the marvelous work of Anthony Vargas and Chris Allen, this is sure to be a page-turning experience you don't want to miss out on!