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Final Girl #5

  • $3.50

Author:Hutchison, Duhig, Wight

Who will be the Final Girl? You have made the choice! YOU, the reader, have voted to determine who lives and who DIES!
This is it! The withering gauntlet of the last four issues ends here! The girls have escaped their tormentors and plan on bringing the massacre to the doorstep of those responsible for their suffering. But the masters of Castle Falls are more than ready to welcome the girls home one last time! When the red mist clears, who will be left to mourn the dead? The votes have been tallied. Who will take their last bow? Who will keep their head and wear the crown? This is the end-of-a-lifetime event! Don�t miss out!! From the disturbed mind of David Hutchison (Oz: The Manga, Beowulf) comes this all-new series set in a world of unimaginable horror!