The Tremendous Trump: She-Trump #1 ONYX Edition

  • $4.99

Exclusive cover. Limited to 300. Onyx Edition designed by Brian Denham.

This cover comes with a flip cover. Each image has the spine on the left so it will look great in a frame or bagged.

The main cover is a tribute to Todd McFarlane, and the back cover is a tribute to John Byrne.

Story/ Art: Brian Denham, Ben Dunn, Kelsey Shannon
Social justice terrorists detonate the mother of all bombs, transmuting men into women! Unable to control their emotions, these Ex-Men flood the Earth with their tears.  Faced with the biggest calamity since Noah, the world looks to the She-Trump, who must return the world to how it was The Day Before Yesterday.  Glass ceilings and fourth walls, beware!