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Ninja High School #163

  • $2.99

Author:Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn

Suzume Satsujin, a repentant former assassin with a fondness for pandas, is still training to be a ninja. In her spare time, she slays invisible demons with her best friend Dawn, a teenage grim reaper with a perverted pet demon. Now the pair have been caught up in a magic spell that affects the entire city of Quagmire, U.S.A. Suzume's abilities have been warped, driving her berserk, while Dawn is left to perform her duties in less-than-optimal attire. While Dawn struggles to reach Suzume in time to restore her mind, teen ninja Ricky, his mother Anna, and his ex-girlfriend Heidi encounter an all-too-familiar face...
All this plus part two of the "Ninjas and Aliens" back-up by Ben Dunn!