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How Not To Draw Manga PM #1

  • $14.95

Author:Kantz, Reid, Jackson & Kilpatrick

144 pages
They said it couldn't be done! Maybe we should have listened!
With the original supersize printing sold out, a horde of menacing(?) monkeybugs is on its way in a new, smaller format to show you how NOT to draw manga! Yes, not so fresh from the minds and pens of Chris Reid and John Kantz, tiny terrors Inkmo and Meeko ruthlessly exploit their cast of Big-Eyed Players to show hapless wannabe manga artist Jackmo how it's not done! From action to romance, from cat ears to panty shots, from samurai drama to giant mecha (with a bit of help from Sherard Jackson's Mack Mech 3000), How NOT to Draw Manga Pocket Manga has it all...wrong!