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Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol. 5

  • $9.95

Author: Fred Perry

Collects Gold Digger Vol. 3 #31- 36
Madrid the Djinn reveals her Gina-disguise ruse to everyone, co-opts Gina's toughest hurt-bot, Seven, and escapes into her home dimension of Yl Dahjim. Gina's friends have to pursue her before she gains the power of its Magic Sun or before Gina tries to tackle Madrid all on her own.
Meanwhile, mercenary pilot team Night Flight break their leader Dark Bird and raw recruit Skippy out of jail, and Gina's friend and transporter, super-pilot Kevin, Ace, Koss, goes up to bring them down. But first he has to beat the mad skillz of Night Flight's new top gun...Skippy?