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Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol. 9

  • $9.95

Autghor: Fred Perry

Collects Gold Digger color issues #52-56
Britanny gives birth to her darling daughter Tifanny, just in time for her grandfather, cursed to be the Lich King, to escape the Land of the Undead! While the Lich King makes his way back to Earth, Luan Geas, one of the martial arts students under Brit's mom, decides to enter an Ultimate Fighters Federation open match to improve herself for an upcoming mission. But even under the guidance of Ayane "Mistress" Anno, things take an unexpected turn! Meanwhile, the dragon Fauntleroy and his wives have detected a valuable artifact in the Miami Federal Detention Center, and it's up to voluntary inmate Crush and her ex-partner Avenger to keep the peace or end up in pieces!