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GD Throne of Shadows Pocket Manga

  • $9.95

Author: Fred Perry

Collects GD: Throne of Shadows #1-4
The parents of were-rat Lydia Iceron leaders of the were-rat clan, recently engineered their own demise after assuring that 1) Lydia was properly trained to survive their absence and 2) she had two friends whom she could trust absolutely. Now Lydia has inherited the Throne of Shadows, which allows its rightful heir to read his/her underlings' minds, and all the power that comes with it. There's a couple of problems, though. The first is that she doesn't WANT it. She'd prefer to take the money and run with her two friends, Moisha Rich and Romeo Ellis. The second is that several former members of the super-criminal organization Crime Syndicate-X DO want it, and are all too ready to cause Lydia and her friends any amount of pain and suffering to get it! This thrill-packed paperback collects the entire fan-favorite four-issue mini-series by GD creator Fred Perry and monster-master Craig Babiar (I Hunt Monsters, Pirates vs. Ninjas)! Don't let it get stolen from you!

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