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Gold Digger Swimsuit #4

  • $3.50

Author: Various Artists

Because of the tons of art we received and the overwhelming quality of the pieces, it was impossible for us to put them all in one issue. After a long brainstorming session, we came up with a simple solution: We have decided to bring forth a second GD swimsuit this year! This fantastic "end of summer" issue will feature all your favorite artists from the previous GD Swimsuit Specials, with encore performances by Craig Babiar (Warrior Nun), Brian Denham (American Woman), David Hutchison (Ninja High School), and Joseph Wight (Shotgun Mary and Twilight X-don't miss out on the upcoming Twilight X giant graphic novel), with a cover over by Eisner nominee Rod Espinosa (Courageous Princess and Battle Girlz).