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Tigers of Luftwaffe #8

  • $3.95

Author:Ted Nomura

In "Fighter General," the General of the Fighters, Adolph Galland, finds himself constantly at odds with his superior, Hermann Goring, as Goring wants the fighters up every time there are Allied bombers in the area. In "Luftwaffe :1946," Dora is visiting Japan to support the Luftwaffe aircraft being tested by the Japanese, and in the desperation of war, she becomes the first to fly the untested Focke-Wulf Triebflugel in March 1946, even before the Germans themselves test-fly back home. In "Tigers of Terra--Luftwaffe: 2040," the Viragonians sortie their new super space battleship Galacticus Maximus and destroy a Terran battleship, forcing the EVG to fight in space to hunt them down. All this plus "Retroman" and "Panzerduck" shorts in addition to Miranda/Mercado's Reichdreams profiles and Belgian talent Marcel Magnette's stories.