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Tigers of Luftwaffe #10

  • $3.95

Author:Ted Nomura

This tenth issue takes off with "Tigers of the Luftwaffe" covering the biographies of aces like Baer, Lutzow, Priller, Nowotny, Rall, Spate, Barkhorn and the Harder brothers. In "Luftwaffe:1946," Mika creates a rescue team to raid a Jewish slave camp in the Soviet Union after the war to help her friend, and Dora finally meets her fate in September of 2001 in New York. In the "Tigers of Terra/Luftwaffe:2040," flight pilot Sergeant-Major Rex Ritter returns to the Chennault base to lead the new Blackbird squadron, but finds out that Reina is missing in action over uncharted American Indian territory, and on this counter-Earth, the Native Americans still dominate the North American continent-with nuclear weapons! In addition, we have yet another master story by Belgian talent Marcel Magnette and a tech section by Spain's Miranda/Mercado team. This 98th issue of the "Families of Altered Wars" series, which started in 1986 as Tigers of Terra, is the final issue in the Tigers of the Luftwaffe format. The "Tigers of the Luftwaffe" series will return next issue as part of the new Luftwaffe:1946 format with a special 99th issue edition.