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The Prince of Heroes Chapter II #1

  • $3.50

Author:Rod Espinosa

"To the Homeland He Never Knew"
Having worked for Marvel Comics and Dark Horse and having been praised by the likes of Warren Ellis, Harlan Ellison, J.H. Williams and Publisher's Weekly, amongst many, many others, highly acclaimed creator Rod Espinosa returns with his newest grand epic, Prince of Heroes, Chapter II!
Born on a distant planet and crossing galaxies to reach his final destination, a young boy discovers he has a great legacy to fulfill.
Evacuated from their homeland by impending war, Ronen and his mother now travel aboard the Nebulous Mirage to the deep reaches of the outer universe. Beyond the borders of the United Empires Government lies the homeland of the superhuman Darem, Ronen�s ancestral people. But the journey will be long, and challenges await, for Ronen soon finds out they are traveling with more than just war refugees. Danger awaits around the next corner!