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Prince of Heroes Chapter I TPB

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Author:Rod Espinosa

From Rod Espinosa, the celebrated creator of The Courageous Princess and Neotopia comes the first chapter of what is sure to be his next masterpiece, the highly anticipated epic adventure, Prince of Heroes!
Born on a distant planet and crossing galaxies to reach his final destination, a young boy discovers he has a promising legacy. Ronen does not want to leave his home planet, but his mother Aiymie tells him he must meet his father at the edge of the universe. A kingdom awaits, but only if he has the courage to claim it. However, they must struggle through the chaos of a rapidly disintegrating empire!
Blending a unique mix of science fantasy, martial arts action, strange new worlds, warrior princes, and alien societies, Prince of Heroes is the kind of sweeping epic Star Wars fans are clamoring for! Come see why Rod's critically acclaimed work is so often described as "breathtaking", "gorgeous", and "exceptional"!