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President Evil: I Have a Scream PM

  • $12.99

Author:David Hutchison

The landslide hit of the year from A.P., as seen in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, is now condensed into a compact-eco-friendly format that's just as easy on your budget, leaves less of a carbon footprint, and still kicks just as much zombie ass!
Threat condition RED! Trillion-dollar deficits, machine gun-toting soccer moms, money-hungry contractors and flesh-hungry super soldiers led by 200 years' worth of undead Presidents! Can we stop this new national nightmare? YES WE CAN! It's time to set aside our partisan differences and petty bickering and unite behind "Ba-rot" Obama, the one man that can bring hope to our troubled shores. When the outgoing administration's plan to shore up our depleted military's troop numbers goes awry, Washington D.C. becomes ground zero for all-you-can-eat action, destruction, and some change you can believe in!