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NHS Shidoshi PM Vol.7

  • $9.95

Author:Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn

Collects Ninja High School #166-170
In the aftermath of a surge of conflicting magics that changed Quagmire into an RPG nightmare, Ricky Feeple finally reaches Dimension X, home of the giant rats, and reunites with his long-lost father, Bob Feeple and his new rat stepsister?! Joy and confusion are tempered by solemn realization as his mother, Anna, reveals some grim truths of her own past that will drastically affect Ricky's future. Undaunted, Ricky bids his parents farewell perhaps for the last time and he, his girlfriend Sora, and his new sister Bianca set forth to find their way back through the multiple alternate realities. Ricky's goal is nothing less than confronting Yuudai, leader of the Shidoshi, who has proven himself Ricky's superior in almost every way. But having killed Yuudai once (quickly followed by his resurrection), Ricky can't ever bring himself to take another life, so what chance does he have of defeating his ultimate foe?