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NHS Shidoshi PM Vol.6

  • $9.95

Author:Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn

Collects Ninja High School #160-167
Young expert assassin Suzume Satsujin is finally finding a purpose with her new friend Dawn Brown, a grim reaper. Together, they take on the Joyless, violent spirits that threaten the living. But when Suzume's killing rage gets the best of her, more than evil spirits may be threatened. Meanwhile, Ricky Feeple is finding it difficult to deal with his new girlfriend, fun-loving thief Sora Wakahishi, but when her "Grandpa Rumpy", actually the goblin Rumplestiltskin, comes to claim her, things go from difficult to impossible. And when Ricky's newest rival, the reincarnated master ninja Yuudai, attempts to tap four Celestial Beasts for fantastic power, it conflicts with Rumplestiltskin's spell, turning all of Quagmire into an RPG nightmare!