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NHS Hawaii PM Vol.3

  • $9.95

Author:Robby Bevard & Katie Bair

Collects NHS #112-116
Teenage ninja girl Yumei has gotten used to surviving havoc in Hawaii. On a daily basis she is assaulted by a blind ninja samurai, an overly talkative bully, and an obnoxious, buxom wrestler, and she has a boyfriend who might just be the son of a Norse god.
Her usual problems only multiply when a tiny tiki statue sends her on a quest to retrieve a sword that just happens to leave its wielder possessed by a water demon! Throw in some arranged marriages, an evil vice-principal who seduces all the female students, a grim reaper traveling around with a yo-yo-slinging ninja girlfriend, and a secret government conspiracy full of evil scientists (naturally), and Yumei is clearly going to have her hands full!