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MetaDocs TPB

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Author:Dunn, M.D., Espinosa et al.

Collects MetaDocs #0, MetaDocs Type A #1, and MetaDocs: Code Black #1
Who saves the super-heroes? What happens when the dust settles after an epic battle and the paranormal participants lie wounded and dying? Enter the MetaDocs, a crack team of extraordinary doctors and surgeons trained for just such a purpose.
Young Dr. Rayos is heading for his first day at work with the MetaDocs team, when his train is attacked by the mighty villain Lord Drehd. When Drehd's assault leaves several super-heroes badly injured, it's up to the MetaDocs to come to the heroes' rescue! But things get interesting when Lord Drehd himself ends up in the ER! Will the villain's evil past affect Dr. Rayos' decision to heal him? And if not that, what about Drehd's powerful auto-defenses? Just another day for the MetaDocs. These are the stories behind the story!