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Mens Altered Wars #2

  • $3.95

Author:Ted Nomura

This issue marks the 100th publication in Ted Nomura's long-running Families of Altered Wars multi-series saga, begin in 1986 with Tigers of Terra! From now on, all FoAW titles will be officially titled under the "Families of Altered Wars" banner! This extra-special edition will celebrate with detailed profiles of the first 99 FoAW issues, plus extra stories never before revealed or published! In addition, this issue will cover the story of the secrets of the Nazi fortress Atlantis, which have yet to be debunked in real history, plus a lesser-known chapter of human cruelity in "Japan's Temple of Death" and Hitler's confidential files of alien connection-how he was preparing for their "second coming" and how the Allies foiled his plans, only to have them take over the task in postwar years. There's also the dark history of how, with the Nazis' help, the Allies tried to prevent the creation of Israel! And rounding it out are new mission chapters of "No-No UFO's Sex Files" and "Condorcet's Angels of Nympho Army"! Note: This issue is rated PG-13 and for mature readers, but is NOT adults-only!