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Luftwaffe 1946 Series 3 #4

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Author:Ted Nomura

The main feature, "Tigers of Luftwaffe: Rocketmen," involves the development of the world's first operational rocket fighter unit, the JG400. The feature follows the unit from the pre-war series of Dr. Lippisch's designs to the EK16 test unit, up through its final adaptation by the Japanese and Italian pilots the creation of a more advanced version. In "Luftwaffe: 1946," Mika faces Condorcet again, and this time she's ready to use his weakness to her advantage by sending her special SS shock girls to his base in Milano, Italy to steal his special B-29. In "Tigers of Terra," aboard the flagship ESS Warspite, Captain Estes orders her Force-H space fleet to destroy the Southern Alliance space fleet in order to prevent it from being surrendered to the Viragonian empire, causing the alliance split between Earth and Terra. All this plus additional works by Magnette of Belgium and the Miranda/Mercado team of Spain!