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Luftwaffe 1946 Series 3 #2

  • $3.95

Author:Ted Nomura

This 101st issue of the long-running Families of Altered Wars series-started in 1986-will refocus on the popular "Luftwaffe: 1946" storyline as its main feature, with all-new art and stories. Dora and Gus are now faced with the possibility of Germany's bombing America. They wonder if the whole task is feasible or even worthwhile-is it truly helping win the war, or is it just causing needless deaths? In "Tigers of Terra," Reina confronts a new threat as the Viragonians launch genetically enhanced soldiers, with the EVG's Chennault Base being their first target! "Tigers of the Luftwaffe" focuses on General Adolf Galland's JV44, the all-jet "Flying Circus." There will also be additional contributions from Belgian talent Marcel Magnette and the "Reichdreams" team of Spain's Miranda and Mercado.